Hop, Skip and Jump Preschools

Learning through play


As from September 2014, our pre-school fees at East and Central Croydon are £18.00 per session or £85 per week.

At our West Croydon branch, our pre-school fees are £11.00 per session until January 2014 after which they will increase to £18.00 per session.

Fees are payable on the first session of each half term in advance. We are currently in the government funding scheme for preschools and nurseries for 3 and 4 year olds.

This scheme commences the term after your child turns 3 and parents need to complete some paperwork so that we can apply on behalf of your child.

For children that are not funded, a £30 registration fee is applicable.

Settling In New Children

Some children settle in almost immediately and others take several weeks.
It is important that your child feels completely comfortable in pre-school before they are left.

Staff will discuss with each parent or carer the best way to deal with leaving your children and how to ensure you keep and build trust with them in the process.

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